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The Kumu's

Paddling the canoe

The Wahine have launch on it's voyage to Melbourne & New Zealand.from Hawaii, the canoe filled with song, hula, spirit, good food, fun, pono lessons, lomi massage, adventures, memories of the islands and lots of laughter.

Playshops will include: ~The remembrance, the history of the teachings, reconnections with the Ancestors & Spirit Guides. ~The Universal Laws, Spirit & Human dynamics. ~ Walk the Talk with Spirit, Human & the teachings, the partnership. ~ Living &Working Pono –Reconnecting to the PONO principals for living a happy life. ~ The power of your words & what you are energizing. ~ sharing the traditional about her culture, Aloha Spiritual values for self, others & the environment

The Kumu's

pono girls

Awesome Wahines

Massage and Healing

Sharing the Aloha Spirit thru lomi-lomi Hawaiian therapeutic massage .

It is one way Hawaiians share their Aloha: their love, caring, and compassion.

Tracey Lakainapali from Australia

Tranceformations : Lomi Lomi

Nancy Kahalewai from New Zealand


Our Playshops

"Hula Play Shop"

There are 2 basic types of hulas and they are the ancient (kahiko) style and the modern (auwana) style."KAHIKO -" The kahiko style is harder to do. It requires dedication and commitment and years of serious training. This is the true hula of our Hawaiian culture. It embodies the beliefs we hold in the sacredness of life, the power of our deities and their descendants on earth, procreation and the respect for all things. It is Hawaiian.
"AUANA –" This is the style most people in the world are familiar with. It's fun, far easier to learn and remember and more commonly seen. As in the Kahiko, this style tells the story with the hands. It can be stylish and elegant with long gowns, beautiful leis and flowers in your hair as well as fast paced with swishing skirts.



Ancient Teachings

Ho`opono Pono

Aunty Mahealani is a Kumu Elele Na Kupuna. This translates to mean that she is a messenger for the Ancestors. She shares this knowledge through playshops called Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala. Her playshops help people find and develop their sense of self-worth and bring balance into their lives. It does so much more than I can explain here. As a result of her classes, she keeps very busy and this summer I’ve had the privilege of participating with her. | alohaspiritaunty

Ho`opono Pono


Mariko Kamimura

English, Japanese, Hawaiian and Lincos

Mariko Kamimura from Japan

Aloha Spirit

One of my goals has been to find the connection between Japan and Hawaii in the ancient times since there seem to be so many similar ideas in rituals, about gods and about spirituality in general. From Dec 20th, 2005 to Jan. 2006, I finally made myself go to Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands for 3 weeks to see the traces.

Article by Mariko Kamimura about the Ryukyu Islands. ... But this photo is from a book, Diving Survey Report for Submarine Ruins Off Yonaguni

Ryukyu Islands

Hawaiian Sea Salt

Hawaiian Sea Salt

La'akea Rumsey

Joy is... my Kumu and an Ukulele and born to paddle the canoe to see a new rainbows every day.

The po`o pua`a, or head student, is often the kumu's protégé, and under the direction of ... The more advanced `alaka`i are effectively student teachers.

La'akea is a student of the Kumu Aunty Mahealani for many years as well as world class art from one of the most beautiful places on earth. Locally owned by artists La'akea Rumsey, gallery owners since 2009!

Pa'akai Hawaiian Sea Salt

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