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E Komo Mai Kakou A Me Ka Hula!

Aloha Kakou

Welcome to those who are interested in learning traditional hula style. Anyone can learn hula, without the need for previous training or experience in any dance form. Only need the desire to learn.

The hula is fun, lively, sacred, light-hearted, and even satirical, solemn and ritualistic, and what determines the differences is the purpose for which it is danced. It is a great pleasure to be able to share the wonders and beauty of the hula. It is a most joyful and spiritual expression of Hawaii, its' land and its' people.

Hula is a uniquely Hawaiian dance accompanied by chant or song that preserves and perpetuates the stories, traditions and culture of Hawaii.

Traditionally, the chants are considered more important than the dance. Read some of them and you will see how hula dance is performed to a "mele" (chant) and understand how the dance interprets the meaning of the mele (song). Hula is traditionally taught by a kumu hula (hula teacher) in a hula halau (hula school).

How can I sign up for a class?

Come to Hawaii. Send me an Email with the dates you'll be here (on Oahu) And I can reply with some dates and times within your schedule. Check the schedule of upcoming classes on my website. If any of these classes fit your schedule, send me an Email and I can fit you in. If you have a group where you're at, I can come to you. Send me an Email with The dates you'd like to have a class or classes and I can come there.

Download video lessons

We have a simple step-by-step method that explains how to download. ... You have a choice of watching it in either wmv or mp4 formats.

If you want a way to get in shape while having a blast, the Hula dance is a perfect fit for that. There's no dance more fun and you can do it easily in the comfort of your own home.

Learn on your own time play over –over all from the comfort of your own home.

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