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Lei Presentations

"Lei Presentations & Ceremonial Sacred Awa Drink"

consist of two parts, and both parts consist of 2 leis per part. (4 leis total) and is provided by the wedding couple ~ the gifting of leis to the moms of the bride & groom from the opposite family members/ representative as a "welcome gift" into the family of the bride or groom. And the Lei Exchange (2 leis) ~ the exchange of leis between the bride & groom usually done just before the vows, followed by the wedding rings.


The first toast to each other for the Bride & Groom. The sacred Awa, once thought to be the drink for the gods-na Ali'i-royalty; and or for use in very sacred ceremonies presided over only by a Hawaiian Kahu, Kumu or in some instances, a Kupuna-elder, otherwise forbidden, and thought to be unlucky in ceremonial use without a Hawaiian Kahu/ Kumu/ Kupuna or one selected/ adopted into the teachings.

"Hawaiian tradition"

Today, Awa is used more openly for it's healing qualities. In keeping with their Hawaiian tradition, they can incorporate the Awa in the wedding ceremony, and does so with the advisement that the drink is not "champaign" in taste, but rather earthy and does have a numbing effect upon some. We will bring the awa drink at no charge.